Bob Sager

Bob  Sager

Agricultural Expert

Bob (Beef to his colleagues) is passionate about beef cattle medicine and health. He was born into a family of ranchers and has ranch all his life. He's done everything from running successful veterinary practices to maintaining the health of half a million cattle. Bob makes up the next part of Pirenzia's scientific arm and he's ready to help you with any agricultural question you could have. 

Bob's many accomplishments can be found below:
  • BS in Animal Science at Montana State University
  • DVM from Colorado State University in 1974
  • PhD from Montana State University in micro-mineral nutrition affecting the immune system of beef cattle 
  • Mentored over 300 veterinary students—many who currently practice in Montana and Wyoming
  • wrote a chapter in Brad Smith’s book 'Large Animal Internal Medicine'
  • published several research articles involving cobalt supplementation's affect on the humoral immune system in beef calves
  • has spoken at national and international veterinary meetings on the subject of mineral nutrition and mineral deficiencies affecting health and performance
  • Taught beef production classes at Montana State University
  • Senior Veterinarian with Miratorg Holdings near Bryansk, Russia. 
  • Responsible for the health and biosecurity of over 437,000 beef cattle that are on 33 cow-calf farms, 24 yearling or stocker operations, and two 45,000 + head feedlots
  • Practices beef cattle production medicine with his current business
  • Consults with Medicine Creek Bovine Health Solutions and Consulting
  • Maintains a ranch near Wilsall, Montana