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Pirenzia is developing new, revolutionary vaccines using DNA shuffling technology to first address the agricultural swine flu market, and longer term, human flu vaccines to keep communities safer. 
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Our Goal is Vaccines that will Outperform Anything On The Market

Pirenzia has spent the last seven years working on proprietary vaccine development approaches that hold the potential to dramatically improve flu immunization for people as well as for the health and livelihood of agricultural businesses across the world. Pirenzia's commitment to health has  lead us to research we believe will result in new, faster-to-adapt and more universal vaccines.
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Products & Production

Reliable, Tested, and Steady Progress

Vaccine technology continues to march forward and Pirenzia is part of that push. Our lead products in development are targeted to be agricultural vaccinations that are all-encompassing for swine flu variations. Our development is state-of-the-art and our delivery methods are revolutionary.  Longer term, we will work toward a universal flu vaccine for human flu variants.
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Agricultural Vaccinations

Prevent Infection and Halt Transmission

Pirenzia’s goal is to produce vaccines which will inoculate swine against multiple strains of flu at once and prevent animal-to-human disease transmission.

Many flus, including the swine flu, mutate inside of livestock and move to new human hosts. We are working on vaccine development procedures targeted at preventing the spread of another fatal outbreak of H1N1, H3N2, or H5N1 variants.

In addition during the next several years, Pirenzia aims to vaccinate farm-grown birds to prevent the transmission of avian flu. 

Human Flu Vaccinations

Our Goal is to Make Staying Healthy Easier

Pirenzia will begin the certification process for human trials and treatment as soon as possible.

Pirenzia is on track to developing a vaccine that is more effective to administer, gentler on the immune system, and faster, quicker, & easier to produce than competing vaccines. With our sole rights to the patented chimeric HA protein, known as HA-113, that induces broad immunity within the H1 HA flu subtype, we've been able to make significant progress in vaccine development that we believe will have significant impact. 

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Delivery Methods 

Multiple Potential Partnerships With Several Delivery Method Developers.

Pirenzia is considering a multi-faceted approach to vaccination. 

We're currently in talks with one potential partner to use their nanoparticle delivery system in the application of Pirenzia's vaccinations. We're also working on a partnership with a nasal spray applicator—that's all we can say for now. 

Using multiple delivery methods will allow us to make our vaccinations more accessible and more efficient to administer.

Looking Toward the Future

Ongoing Development for Different Diseases

After Pirenzia creates vaccines for critical flu variants, we've set our sights on developing vaccines for less common—but more deadly—illnesses. 

Our future vaccine development will begin with developing a vaccine for Swine Fever, a highly contagious and deadly viral disease in domestic and wild pigs. Swine Fever is responsible for serious economic losses to farmers across the world and we believe that it is important that more vaccination options become available. 
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Frequently Asked Questions

This FAQ covers the questions that Pirenzia gets asked most often. Want to learn about our patent? Why should you invest in Pirenzia? Read on.

What sets Pirenzia's vaccines apart?

Pirenzia is currently using a breakthrough DNA shuffling technique to design patented vaccine candidates.  We are generating novel HA antigens and testing their ability to induce broad immune responses against swine and human-origin influenza A H1N1 viruses.   The next targets for DNA-shuffled products will be the remaining human influenza A (H3N2) and influenza B (BVic and BYam lineages) viruses, as we work toward creating individual universal vaccines for each of these influenza vaccine targets.

Can Pirenzia's tech be adapted to different diseases and different markets?

It can! Pirenzia's DNA shuffling vaccine-development technique is extremely flexible. In the future, Pirenzia plans to develop vaccines for less common viruses. 

How are Pirenzia's vaccines produced?

Pirenzia uses a state-of-the-art Eppendorf bio reactor to develop candidate vaccines.   Once the candidate vaccines are developed and tested, we will use a global contract development and manufacturing company to take the vaccine candidates into the market.

How long has Pirenzia been developing their vaccines?

We've been steadily developing our technology and candidate vaccines over the course of the last seven years. We are well into efficacy and stability testing.

How many Pirenzia vaccines do we need to vaccinate our livestock?

You will need only one Pirenzia vaccination for a range of commonly occurring strains of swine flus.

What are Pirenzia’s agricultural vaccination specialties?

Currently, Pirenzia is currently focused on inoculating against dangerous strains of swine flu.

What markets will Pirenzia be targeting?

Pirenzia has two primary markets. We will begin by providing vaccinations for agriculture and, after we're able to complete clinical trials and testing, we'll enter human vaccinations.

What patents does Pirenzia hold?

Pirenzia currently licenses several vaccine development patents from the University of South Dakota (USD) to produce candidate vaccines using DNA shuffling technology.

Why invest in Pirenzia?

An investment in Pirenzia is an investment in the a healthy community for future generations. Pirenzia's vaccine candidates are being thoroughly tested for both efficacy and stability with very positive results, they are protected by multiple patents and exclusive partnerships, and they have a clear plan for development and commercialization of those candidate vaccines.

Are there plans to move Pirenzia’s new vaccination tech into a human market?

Yes, absolutely! The ability to vaccinate both the human and agricultural populations against multiple strains of flu variants at once is our long-term goal. 
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About Us

About Pirenzia

Pirenzia’s associate science team has spent the better part of the last decade developing our candidate vaccines using DNA shuffling technology under multiple, exclusively licensed patents from the University of South Dakota (USD). Our new vaccine candidates will be fully tested and certified to allow Pirenzia to strongly enter the vaccine marketplace for both agricultural vaccines and human flu vaccines.
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In the next several years, Pirenzia aims to inoculate swine against multiple flu strains at once. We also hope to help halt the swine flu's transmission to humans—something that killed 200,000 people in 2009. 

For Pirenzia, that's only the start. With future expansion, investment, and innovation, Pirenzia has positioned itself to be a key player in both agricultural and human flu vaccines.  Longer term we will develop vaccines against a wider range of virus-induced diseases. 

Our company is built on the hard work and dedication of our founder, who has extensive startup and venture capital experience, two of North America's top virus- and vaccine experts serving as principal investigators, and our highly experienced medical advisory board. Together, Pirenzia represents decades of collective experience treating viruses, running successful businesses, respected medical practices, and scholarship.
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